Yuma's Best Hot Dogs

Reviewed on November 1, 2009

Encased in Carbonite?

Our arrival and initial thoughts

Immediately upon arrival you are greeted by the owners. They make you feel at home and at ease. We order a couple of hot dogs, but that isn't all that Yuma's Best Hot Dogs is limited to. On the menu is a wide variety of food, including tacos of every type (asada, pastor, chicharron to name a few), french fries, tortas, burritos and pozole and menudo on the weekends. As we wait for our hot dogs, we notice the condiments are not refrigerated in a small self serve area, but they seem pretty fresh. The area is pretty cramped and covered with plastic and some tacky christmas lights, but it adds to the authenticity. The close quarters is something else, especially when this place is packed. Its akin to eating in a prison lunchroom.

There isn't much to be said about a hot dog joint, especially when we stuck to their specialty, the Sonoran hot dog.

The Food

The hot dog was pretty good, cooked nicely, and probably was the best in yuma. One bite has a mouthful of taste and you'll definitely eat it all. The bacon is cooked near perfection and not too crispy, like a few other places. The hot dog is pretty indescribable, but it is the best, especially with the choice of condiments Yuma's Best offers.

The asada was pretty typical. Nothing special or memorable, and nothing bad. It tastes better in a burrito with the beans than it does in a standalone taco. Be careful of the abundance of "unchewables", or "rubber bands" as Mikey likes to say. We also avoided the roasted pepper, since it seemed way too hot for the average taco-goer

The cabeza was plain tasting, moist and unmemorable. It needs to be fixed up to enjoy it and make up for the severe lack of taste. There isn't anything really that can be said about this. Overall, a bad choice.


This place is pretty friendly, but has no tableside service, and is generally pretty busy. This place is pretty cramped, but always has a constant flow of customers. Also, they've joined the 21st century with a flat screen TV for patrons to attempt to watch while eating. They live up to the name of Yuma's Best Hot Dogs and with a few changes, could be one of the top taco stands in Yuma County.

Cleanliness Taste Price Service Quality Appearance
3 3.5 3 N/A 3 3

Overall Grade

Yuma's Best Hot Dogs earns itself a 3.5. A solid go-to place when you're in need of a quick meal.