About the Team

Last updated May 30, 2010

Watch out for these bastards!


Name: Andrew
Crowning Achievement: Ate 40+ Chicken wings in one sitting
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Local Restaurant: The Landing

Andrew, the man of 1000 faces. Once considered the biggest pervert in the history of the world, he has been tamed by the internets. Always in search of a great meal at an even better price, Andrew is the epitome of frugal. His favorite restaurants are all notable for their low priced specials. Andrew is the namesake of the website, due to his marvelous face and handsome looks. Andrew loves sushi, Chinese food, hot girls and cameras. He is always up for a culinary adventure at any hour of the day, including late night taco runs. Famously felt guilty for asking our black waitress for a black cow (root beer float with chocolate ice cream).


Name: Anthony
Crowning Achievement: Ate 5 dinners in 3 hours
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Local Restaurant: Papa San

The originator of PBS (pussy bowel syndrome), Anthony cannot eat anything with color, flavor, spices, taste or texture of any type. Prone to bouts of mud butt, Anthony is the pinnacle of sensitive stomachs. If he can safely eat at a restaurant, it is definitely safe for 99% of the population. Anthony loves folded tacos from San Diego's Old Town Mexican Cafe, chicken fried steak, chicken strips, pizza, late night diners, Mikey, milkshakes, and slushies. Anthony is great company for a meal and is always hungry. Loves Mexican food, hates Famous Dave's BBQ. He will always be known for creating the "Five Levels of Diarrhea"


Name: Richard
Crowning Achievement: Thrown out of Red Lobster for eating too many shrimp
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Local Restaurant: Outback

Quite possibly one of the biggest jerks in history, Richard is the man to see if you need to ruin someone's day. Enjoys eating almost as much as breathing. He could possibly be the offspring of sasquatch / bigfoot and a caveman. Also the creator and maintainer of AndrewEats. Richard enjoys eating street food and trying odd restaurants in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. Richard loves Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Mexican. He prefers a New York style pizza to Chicago style. Loves Hamburgers, hates mayonnaise.


Name: Mikey
Crowning Achievement: Single handedly shut down a Chinese Buffet
Favorite Food: Chicken Wings
Favorite Local Restaurant: Daybreakers

Genetically proven to be 100% beast, in his younger years Mikey was known for making buffet owners cry. Now much older, and a lot more hungry, his favorite foods are chicken wings, beer and cereal, and late night binging. Mikey hates popcorn and loves meat of all kinds. Mongolian buffets are one of his favorite feeding areas. In his quest to clog his arteries he drank a 750ml bottle of Vodka (paid for six months later), entered a chicken wing eating contest, and lost miserably. He has many food memories, including eating a whole smoked turkey at the Renaissance fair in his 6th grade year.