Hot Dogs "El Pino"

Reviewed on October 23, 2009

I feel like I'm in my grandma's backyard.

Our arrival and initial thoughts

Hot Dogs "El Pino" is literally run out of a house. Without question, this seems to be ran by someone's mother or aunts. This place isn't the place for a full course meal, nor is it the place to bring a first date, but if you want a quick snack, this is perfect. The decor leaves something to be desired, since you'll be sitting on picnic tables, sometimes in the dark. The lights aren't too great. This is outdoor dining at its cheapest. This is worth stopping for if you are in the mood for a Sonoran Hot Dog. They don't offer much for drinks. Soda and water are the only drinks offered thus far.

On the weekends, you can get a bit of an extended menu, including asada tacos and quesadillas. Hot dogs, french fries and corn are the main attractions here, and as a hot dog stand, this is perfect. The feeling of the place is safe, comfortable and homelike. You could swear you'd see your grandma cooking something in the house. The motherly women who work here make you feel like family, occasionally force feeding you different things to try out, and offering to make you more food.

The Food

These hot dogs were average size and tasted pretty good. You can get most of the regular toppings here. One weird topping we noticed was shredded hot dogs. If you ask for your hot dog "con todo" (with everything) you'll get this. It does not taste bad, its just an odd choice of a topping.

The grilled corn was tender. I don't much care for my corn with mayo, lemon, salt, butter, and chile powder, so it was a bit plain. I'm sure it probably tastes wonderful, if you like mayo.


This is a popular spot for people looking for a hot dog, or cheese fries. The parking is cramped and is on an occasionally busy street, so be careful pulling in and out. If this place were larger, or expanded its menu it would kill the value and intimacy it holds. This feels like a family oriented restaurant, and the workers make you feel at home. There is no table service here, and a tip is not required. Definitely worth a try.

Cleanliness Taste Price Service Quality Appearance
4 4 3 N/A 3 3

Overall Grade

Hot Dogs "El Pino" earns a solid 4. For a hot dog cart run out of a house, this is amazingly good.