Tacos Tricolor

Reviewed on November 3, 2009

Lights! Tacos! Action!

Our arrival and initial thoughts

Tacos Tricolor is located on the site of the original location of "8th Street Tacos", an empty lot that turned into taco central at night, with about 10 different vendors. Due to some unknown malady, there is only one taco shop located on this large parcel of land. Tacos Tricolor has $1 tacos on Tuesdays, and this might be the only day worth coming. As we tried to find the name of this place, the employees were very defensive and instantly called the owner. Apparently, the owner was already on his way or lives pretty close by. He was sort of an asshole, trying to intimidate us for asking the name of his restaurant. Unfortunately for him, we don't get intimidated easily. After nearly kicking his ass, we finally got the name of the place, "Tacos Tricolor". We ordered a Lemonada, but it had a powdered taste, and slightly burned our throats. Spanish is a must while ordering. You cannot communicate with these people if you only speak English, or they were being stubborn. There is good lighting and it is a pretty clean place. It is spacious, even on the rare chance that it gets crowded.

The whole feel of the place is pretty comfy and well lit. You're not sitting on beat up chairs on an uneven floor. Everything is set up on a concrete slab and looks immaculate. The condiments look like they were picked out of the garden only minutes ago and ooze freshness, like Will Smith.

The Food

The tacos were small, but the meats were flavorful. The asada is one of the best in the area. It tastes different than you'd expect, but in a good way. The marinade is unlike any other on 8th Street.

The pastor was "a party in my mouth", as Andrew said. It has light flavor, not heavy and oily like some places. The meat itself is tender and we encountered no unchewables.


Both choices were very tender and flavorful. The first bite seems like something is lacking, but by the end of the taco you'll be satisfied. Tacos Tricolor also offers flautas, but we have not tried them yet.

Cleanliness Taste Price Service Quality Appearance
5 4 4 3 4 3.5

Overall Grade

Tacos Tricolor sits on top of a 4 on Tuesdays. This place is only worth going on Tuesdays or any other time they offer $1 tacos. You won't be disappointed whatsoever, unless you're paying full price on a different day.