Taco Tec

Reviewed on November 1, 2009

Dinner with a Tranny

Our arrival and initial thoughts

Every town has one. The one place you say you'd never go after dark. The place where weirdos hang out, or the place you'll get robbed, stabbed, raped and murdered all in 15 minutes. Yuma Arizona has the same thing. Taco Tec. Taco Tec is technically a bar-slash-ballroom, or so say the official owners. What you'll find there though, is more gender confusion per square inch than you would find in most third world countries. Taco Tec has an outdoor "bar" that serves only one thing: asada tacos. The old man serving them up is fairly friendly, and the wicked witch / barmaid periodically pokes her head out to see what is going on outside. Words cannot describe the amount of sagging skin this woman extrudes. Words also cannot describe the design of this place. After many dares and attempts, Andrew stepped into a world of the unknown and forever sealed his fate. Sitting in the three barstools out in front was a tranny. A blatant pockmarked, stubble ridden masculine looking man in a wig with breasts. Immediately, Andrew wanted to get the hell out of there, but at the same time, his adventurous spirit forced him to stay and enjoy what would forever be known as "Dinner with a Tranny". He even tried to strike up a conversation with the tranny's crack head friend, but she was too busy musing about the lyrical prowess of Tupac and how the government had it in for her and her family. Definitely an awkward situation.

This place is a haven for trannies and crack head slash meth monsters. A ghetto magnet attracting non english speakers and lowlifes of all types. Weirdly, the dangerous ones avoid this place. You'll be relatively safe here, since it is well lit with a medium amount of traffic passing by. Arriving, we noticed that Taco Tec offers ungrilled green onions. Strong and crunchy, make sure you bring a pack of gum. The whole place seems very mellow, but semi scary and you'll definitely feel unsafe unless you just got out of supermax prison. Taco Tec looks abandoned, and is abandoned for the majority of the week, except on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The taco shop seems to only be open sometime after the sun goes down. It feels like a front for drug or human trafficking. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any evidence to back this up, but there is an uncanny creepy feel for that stuff later in the night. The old man speaks very little english and the old bar woman is quite possibly older than Jesus Christ.

The Food

The asada is different and is definitely one of the best asadas in Yuma. it tastes like a combination of smoke grilled and lightly fried. The smoke is strong enough, yet light enough to taste great. The recipe is possibly one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world, and by the looks of the owners, they've had centuries to perfect the recipe. The bad thing is that they only serve asada. Nothing else. Perhaps if you knew the code word you could get cocaine or heroin addled hookers, but we weren't privy to that knowledge.


These tacos are most definitely worth risking your life for to try, at least once. Maybe its the added risk of the possibility of death, similar to eating poisonous blowfish (fugu), or other dishes. These tacos are great, especially if you are feeling adventurous.

Cleanliness Taste Price Service Quality Appearance
2 5 4 N/A 3.5 1

Overall Grade

Taco Tec is a good place to sober up at 2:30 in the morning, as long as there isn't a fight in the parking lot or a large amount of transsexuals waiting for whatever it is they wait for. Taco Tec earns a 2.5 overall, but is one place that should be tried, especially if you have a group.