Tacos San Pedro

Reviewed on October 24, 2009

A restaurant without walls.

Our arrival and initial thoughts

Yuma's 8th Street is notorious for its many "roach coaches". These food carts set up at night and disappear during the day. They spring up everywhere, with no real foundations other than an occasional concrete slab. Tacos San Pedro is a bit different. This place is set up like a real restaurant including a working bathroom for both men and women, which is unheard of at a taco stand. The only drawback to the bathroom is that it is uninsulated, so be warned about dropping a deuce in the hot summer weather. The only odd thing about this restaurant is that it doesn't have any walls. The closes thing to walls is the plastic tarps set up between pillars and the roof, which is a real roof. This place is constantly packed with a consistent flow of traffic and is extremely clean. Too clean, perhaps, for an authentic Mexican experience. The price for the tacos are average to above average. The environment is one of the most comfortable out of all taco stands in the Yuma area, with its leather and wicker chairs with matching tables (a real rarity for a Yuma taco stand).

The guacamole was different from most other taco stands. It wasn't runny liquid, but had a thickness to it. The condiments are served at the table and are fresh and sufficient, with warm grilled onions and jalapeno peppers. The cold condiments are kept refrigerated until being served, and not left out for hours like many other taco places. The pina tastes great with just the right amount of pulp and ice for a large. This is the best pina available this side of the border. The beans are excellent and worth the 50 cents. The food is PBS approved, for those of you with a slightly sensitive stomach.

The Food

The crown jewel of this place is the San Pedro taco. Its a standard asada taco with a green chile split in half and coated in cheese. It might not sound enticing but it is the ultimate taco. It needs absolutely no condiments, and can be enjoyed on its own. The quality and taste is superb and has so much flavor to it. This is a DO NOT MISS taco.

The asada tacos contain more meat than most of the other taco stands. It has excellent flavor, and is the same asada that comes in the San Pedro taco. This is probably one of the best asadas on all of 8th Street.

The pastor is top quality and tastes great with condiments. You can never be disappointed with the pastor offered here.


Unlike most other taco stands, with their ever changing menus and inconsistently cooked meats, Tacos San Pedro is one of Yuma's best places to visit. If you pass this up, you'll be missing some of the best tacos in the Southwest.

Cleanliness Taste Price Service Quality Appearance
5 5 4 4 5 4

Overall Grade

Corona Tacos earns itself a 5. We always look forward to coming back.