Asadero Los Compadres

Reviewed on November 3, 2009

Cute girls, boring tacos

Our arrival and initial thoughts

One of the most noticeable things about this place is the yellow lighting. There is a yellowish glow to everything near the taco cart, and if you're lucky enough to sit near the cart, everything turns yellow after a while. If the yellow lights are there for keeping the bugs away and the patrons mellow, its working. Its either that, or sit away from the lighting and near the lingering odor of old cat urine floating in the air. This place is in a high traffic area, and shares a location with a snack shop, El Pinguino. Expect to either be double parked or do some double parking yourself. This place is not a quiet spot whatsoever. During one visit, we were front-row spectators to a high risk traffic stop and this made for one hell of a tableside conversation. It looks as if the place is staffed by two cute high school girls. Andrew definitely will return.

The Food

The pastor was not bad, but not great. It had a very mild flavor, but wasn't too bad after it was fixed up with the condiments. Maybe a dash of salt in the secret recipe would turn this bland beast into a monster of flavor.

The asada was plain and very forgettable, but it wasn't horrible. It was a standard taco stand taco with absolutely zero imagination. Asadero los Compadres would be wise to spice up their meat marinade.

The burritos are your choice of meat mixed in with beans. Surprisingly, the burritos are excellent and pretty large. There were a couple of rough spots in the burritos, and one of us may or may not have lost a tooth trying to chew a rubber band, but the burrito was worth eating over and over again.


Sitting in the yellow lights for an extended period of time makes you feel like you're in a third world country. The food isn't great, but it isn't bad, and if you're like Andrew, you'll probably be fixated on the girls rather than the semi bland food. Not a bad place to stop, since this place is almost always open, even in violent weather and extreme heat. Those girls might be eye candy for some but they are quite possibly tough as nails, kind of like some of the meat.

Cleanliness Taste Price Service Quality Appearance
3 3 4 3 3.5 3

Overall Grade

Asadero Los Compadres sits in the middle of the road with a 3. Nearly always open, this place can satisfy your needs if everything else is closed. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, get your stuff to go.